Friday, August 7, 2009

New entries!


I just updated my blog with photos from France, Greece and Turkey.



Hi there,

Sorry for the absence. I've been away from this for quite a while because we haven't had much downtime until now. We're all in Turkey now after France and Greece. In France, we tried wine, saw medieval cathedrals, sang in old churches and sang at a wedding: all in a day's work.

In Greece, we actually didn't even sing a concert. We had a day in Athens and 3 days in Kefalonia, an island off the West coast of Greece that was exactly how I'd pictured Greek islands: scenic, hilly and absolutely beautiful.

Turkey is great. We have all already hit most of the tourist hotspots (Haggia Sophia, Cisterns, Palace, etc.) and have sung our first concert (at Bogasici University, the University that also happens to be housing us) and have our next concert a cistern. Yup. Should be pretty great.

Sorry for the paucity of information in this post. I just realized I haven't eaten lunch and am quite hungry.

Until next time.