Thursday, July 2, 2009

Massive tour blog update!

Hey folks,

Today, I updated my blog with posts about our travels in Japan, China and Thailand. Check it out!



So, Phuket, as imagined, is incredible. It's beautiful, warm, a little humid, surprisingly sunny, despite the fact that it's "rainy season", and fun. Yesterday and today, we rented scooters and scooted around town. Don't worry, parents, everyone's fine. We had a couple small falls, but, minor scrapes and bruises aside, nobody was injured. Yesterday, Joel, Jay F. and I scooted up to a place called "sunset point", a beautiful point of the island from which you can see for miles in every direction. Today, we first went to a place called Wat Chalong, a small collection of temples, some of which were absolutely beautiful, and some of them that, as Jamie put it, look like a Disney Temple. After that, we went to go see Phuket's "Big Buddha", a gigantic white Buddha that you can see from pretty much anywhere on the island.

Sadly, we leave tomorrow, but next stop is Kathmandu, a place that has been a favorite for the Whiffs of recent years. And after that, I leave the Whiffs for a week to go to Jordan. But, fear not, I'll be back with the group in South Africa. Someone else is gonna have to post in India, but I'll put up at least one in Kathmandu. Until then.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


is amazing. this place is beautiful. we had a wonderful night in town, and then on the beach, sitting on the beach, drinking whiskey, looking at starts, and making friends with the random dog that sat next to us while we were discussing the stars, philosophy, the Whiffs, our situation, and many other topics of conversation. Tonight was a night in which the nights became closer. Additionally, i played connect 4 with a bartender. What?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

After a long break, back and in Bangkok

So, after a long sojourn into the land of censorship (i.e. china), i'm once again able to use blogspot. God forbid I express myself publicly while in China.

Anyway, I would rant, but I feel as if it might not go over that well. Regardless, we had a great time in China, despite the lack of youtube, (temporarily) google, and, of course, our blog. Our 4 days in Beijing and 3 days in Shanghai were action-packed, so much so that many of us are exhausted.

However, we weren't too exhausted to go out last night here in Bangkok. The cab coordinator misunderstood us and, instead of telling us the name of the bar district, he told us the name of a bar district that was...special...We were asked to go to many bars that we did not want to go to, and finally found a street stand at which to eat while we drank some beers we bought at a 7-11. it was, as i said...special...

Anyway, today, we went to the weekend market and all picked up a ton of souvenirs. i even have to ship some things home tomorrow to free up space in my bag.

Gotta go get ready for the concert tonight.